A new head of FESCO agency in North America has been appointed.

16 February 2005
Mr. Aspi Rostami, who earlier held post of vice-president and general manager of company, has been designated as President of FESCO Agencies North America Inc. (FANA), Seattle, US.

FESCO Agencies North America Inc. is the largest foreign agency of FESCO. The area of responsibility of FANA includes providing of FESCO ship processing in ports of the US and Canada, and also development of international container lines, which connect the ports of North America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Russia.

Mr. Rostami has 25-year experience of work in international transport business, more than 10 years of which he has been working in Far Eastern Shipping Company.

In 2004 Mr. Rostami became the first foreign colleague of shipping company, who was awarded with Gold Medal «Honored worker of Far Eastern Shipping Company» for effectiveness increase of work and company authority on international market and complex improvement of line service between ports Australia — New Zealand — USA.