A general cargo ship added to FESCO fleet and increased the tonnage on the container service between Vladivostok and Sakhalin

05 April 2018

FESCO Transport Group fleet was enlarged by a general cargo ship «FESCO Nevelsk» with a capacity of 511 TEU. «FESCO Nevelsk» acquisition is a part of FESCO fleet renewal program and of an increase in its own tonnage on sea container services with growth of shipping.

A general cargo ship added to FESCO fleet and increased the tonnage on the container service between Vladivostok and Sakhalin

The general cargo ship «FESCO Nevelsk» with a deadweight of almost six thousand tons has a container capacity of 511 TEU. The vessel is for transportation of containers, general and bulk cargo. «FESCO Nevelsk» is equipped with two modern electrohydraulic cranes with a lifting capacity of 40 tons each. So the ship can unload in ports that do not have their own cranes, and also work in raid conditions with reloading to other vessels and specialized barges, including delivery to unequipped shore. «FESCO Nevelsk» started working with the container vessel «FESCO Nagaevo» on the coastal container service FESCO Korsakov Direct Line (FKDL), connecting Vladivostok and Korsakov (Sakhalin Island). The placement of the second vessel on this line made transportation to be more regular and rhythmic and to provide sufficient volumes of capacity. Shipment from Vladivostok to Korsakov are carried out twice a week, the duration of a circular voyage is seven days, transit time of delivery is two days from the date of departure of the vessel.

Before leaving for the first voyage to Korsakov a new vessel was visited by Vladislav Kim, director of FESCO branch office in Vladivostok and Igor Sharkov, technical director, who inspected the ship and checked its readiness for the passage.

The main technician characteristics of «FESCO Nevelsk» general cargo ship:

Length — 99,98 m.

Width — 18.8 m.

Deadweight — 5 577 tons

Maximum speed — 15 knots

Year of construction — 2003

Place of construction — China

«FESCO Nevelsk» crew is 14 seamen, the Captain is Alexander Kraynik.

FESCO fleet includes 20 transport vessels operating on its own sea container lines and under a charter agreements, as well as modern self-propelled barges, through which all kinds of cargo are loaded and unloaded in extreme conditions, including unequipped shore.