64 application submitted for the second social projects contest “Sea of opportunities”

08 April 2021

64 applications were submitted in the second contest of social projects “Sea of opportunities” organized by FESCO Transportation Group (“FESCO”, the “Group”).

Non-profit organizations (NPOs) and government and municipal institutions submitted 55 applications, 9 applications for volunteering were received from employees of FESCO. The winners of the contest will be announced on 25 April.

50 applications in total were submitted in 2020, 32 projects were implemented, including 15 projects of volunteers.

The “Sea of opportunities” contest is one of the key elements of the program for support and development of the local community implemented within the strategy of the corporate social responsibility of the Group. It is aimed at establishing a partnership between business, authorities and society to find solutions to the most pressing social problems of Primorye. The winners of the contest will be awarded grants to implement their projects: NPOs can get a grand of up to 250 000 rubles, FESCO’s volunteers can get up to 50 000 rubles.

The operator of the contest is Razvitiye Autonomous Nonprofit Organization; its experts help the participants to prepare their applications, they also conduct training sessions and provide further support during the implementation of the projects.

“We were pleasantly surprised with this year’s campaign, as we received more applications. This means that this format of the local community’s support is in demand. More and more people are concerned with finding the solutions for the most pressing problems in Primorye, the cooperation between business, state authorities and society is developing and working for the common good,” said Anatoliy Zubarev, the director of the department of corporate communications of FESCO.

“This year the contest was extended to the whole territory of Primorye, as was requested last year at the previous contest. Moreover, we organized more training sessions for volunteers and organizations during the call for applications. We hope that we will be able to provide extensive support to all participants as the imposed restrictions gradually lift,” said Svetlana Bazhenova, General Director of Razvitiye Autonomous Nonprofit Organization.