32 social projects won the contest “Sea of opportunities”

06 July 2020

The winners of the contest “Sea of opportunities” (the “Contest”) organized by FESCO Transportation Group (the “Group”, “FESCO”) are 32 social projects, including 15 projects of volunteers from FESCO staff, and the other projects presented by NPO and facilities of the Primorye Territory.

50 requests in total were submitted for the Contest. Themes of the requests vary from the support of children with special health needs to ecology and development of the tourism potential of Vladivostok.

The contest winners will be able to implement their projects until 1 December 2020. Organizations will receive grants up to 250 000 rubles, volunteers’ grant is not more than 50 000 rubles.

The “Sea of opportunities” contest is one of the elements of the local community support and development program under the Group’s updated strategy of corporate and social responsibility. The contest is aimed at establishing a partnership between business, authorities and society to find solutions to the most pressing social problems of Primorye. The operator of the Contest is Razvitiye Autonomous Nonprofit Organization. Its professionals have helped the participants with their applications, conducted training, and will provide further support during the implementation of the projects.

“It is very important for us to contribute to the development of Primorye, as it is the key region of operations of FESCO. We hope that the contest will be one of the most effective instruments for development. Vladivostok residents themselves will be able to decide what areas will be prioritized, and we will provide financial and expert support. We hope that the “Sea of Opportunities” contest will contribute to the establishment of a long-term partnership between business, authorities and residents of Primorye and will become an effective instrument for solving and preventing social problems in the region. We wish all the winners to successfully implement their projects”, - said Ekaterina Grishkovets, the vice-president of the PR department of FESCO.

“Not only the number of applications but also the willingness of the contestants to actively work on improving them show us that the FESCO initiative is needed in the region and is in demand by the local community. Some of the projects will start in July, so we all have to work hard” – noted Svetlana Bazhenova, General Director of Razvitiye Autonomous Nonprofit Organization.