Sea of Japan connects

18 March 2009
>Top Managers of FESCO PLC met with delegation from Japan consisting of representatives of Ministry of land, infrastructure and tourism, relevant departments and offices from Niigata Prefecture and Hokkaido Government.

Upon request of Mr. Yamaguty Seiity, Head of delegation, Vladimir Korchanov, Managing Director of FESCO PLC, Dmitriy Maslov, Managing Director of FESCO Lines Vladivostok LLC, Directors of Departments told about company structure and main business lines, first of all – about the line shipping. It was pointed out that JNL Line, that connects ports of Japan and ports of Primorye region, has been working over 50 years. The Line is growing and developing, new ports at call are being added, that all mean that routes over Sea of Japan are effective.

Delegation from Japan took an active interest in problems which disturb to develop Russia-Japan trade relations. They said that they visited Primorye region to find out the obstacles and do their best to solve all problems.

“We have long and good relations, — Mr. Yamaguty said. – Our goal is to improve them”.