KSDL Line connects ports of South Korea and Russia for 20 years

06 June 2011
KSDL has celebrated its 20th anniversary as from the date of establishment. Top managers of FESCO Transportation Group, president of Hyundai Group Ms. Hyun and Russian ambassador to Republic of Korea Konstantin Vnukov took part in the celebration on 2 June 2011 in Seoul.

KSDL Line was established on 5 June 1991 thanks to co-operation of Far Eastern Shipping Company and Hyundai Merchant Marine. Companies set up a joint venture Transorient Shipping for performing general tasks. Therefore a regular service between South Korea and Russia has been operating for 20 years.

Vessels call to ports of Vostochny, Vladivostok, Pusan and Pohang. High quality of service, stable schedule and wide intermodal opportunities in Russia made this service highly demanded. Korea Soviet Direct line retains a significant market share of 36% in container trade between South Korea and Russian Pacific coast. In 2010 KSDL transported 60 580 TEU. In comparison with the rate of 2009 that’s more than 40%.

— This service is a brilliant example of a strongly welded partnership between two industry leaders – HMM and FESCO – who share the same high business standards, dedication to quality and safety and enjoy long-lasting and solid reputation in the industry, — Kirill Rubinsky — a member of board of directors of Far Eastern Shipping Company, PLC, a chairman of board of directors of FESCO Transportation Group, LTD — noticed during the celebration.