Information statement

24 February 2022

FESCO Transportation Group (“FESCO”, the “Group”) informs that vessels FESCO Magadan and FESCO Moneron were on the sanctions list of Treasury Department of the US solely due to the specifics of financing and the status of lessor: both vessels are on the balance sheet of PSB Leasing LLC that was initially under US sanctions.

Thus, sanctions of Treasury Department of the US do not apply to any FESCO company and inclusion in the sanctions list of two vessels leased from PSB Leasing LLC is not in any way related to activities of the Group.

Following the ongoing situation, FESCO has begun procedures related to withdrawal of vessels from leasing and termination of relations with PSB Leasing LLC, which should be the basis for excluding FESCO Magadan and FESCO Moneron from the sanctions list.

Currently, FESCO is fulfilling all its obligations. Marine transportations are carried out as per normal.

The Group effectively respects all international and Russian laws, firmly following the sustainable development agenda and providing its customers from Russia and Eurasia with the most modern logistics solutions.