Information message

23 December 2022

FESCO (parent company of FESCO Transportation Group, the “Group”) announces its fulfillment of obligations to holders of exchange-traded bonds series BO-01 and full repayment of the issue.

Funds for payments to holders of bonds remaining in circulation (3346 pieces) were deposited with a notary due to the technical impossibility to fulfill obligations in the manner provided for by issuance documents.

The total volume of issue of bonds series BO-01 was 5 002 000 pieces for a total amount exceeding 5 billion rubles. Since 2016 as part of restructuring of obligations under bonds the Group has repurchased and repaid 4 998 654 pieces including during the public offer announced in 2019 which was taken advantage of by some of bondholders.

“The Group has done a lot of work to fully repay debt obligations to holders of exchange-traded bonds series BO-01. This is one of the evidences that FESCO is developing in the right direction and is ready to respect interests of all its investors and creditors,” said Andrey Severilov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of FESCO.

To receive payments on bonds series BO-01 (identification number of issue of securities: 4B02- 01-00032-A dated May 05, 2010, ISIN RU000A0JVCQ3) persons holding these bonds who have not presented them for redemption earlier may apply to Vasily Ralko, notary of the city of Moscow, 6 bld.1, 22nd km of Kievskoye shosse, Moscow, tel.: 8-495-228-81-95, e-mail: (license 77-262 issued by the Department of Justice of Moscow on July 17, 2012, order 340 issued by the Department of Justice of Moscow of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation on May 25, 2018).