In the Far-Eastern Shipping company the annual agent meeting took place

05 March 2005
From the 28th of February till the 4th of March in Vladivostok the annual meeting of FESCO agents, working on Australian, New Zealand, American, Chinese and Vietnam lines (FAL, FNZEL, FANAL, FCDL AND FVDL), took place.

In the work of meeting the representatives of agent companies from Hongkong, Shanghai, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Finland, Moscow, Vladivostok, port Vostochny are participating.

The main questions, discussed on the agent meeting, are the results of work of lines and accomplishment of financial budgets for 2004, and also approval of production and financial plans for the current year.

Conducted analysis of financial activities of work of lines for the covered period noticed stable tendency of volume increase of container transportation and improvement of customers service, firstly, on lines working between ports of the USA, Australia, New Zealand.

Among discussed questions are charter and tariff policy, analysis of basic company clients, marketing and transportation sales, issues of intermodal transportation, information supply of transport schemes and logistics.

Further development of operated lines and questions of container equipment, and also strategy of development of new FESCO projects will be discussed.