FESCO’s Board of Directors elected new Management Board

22 September 2020
FESCO Transportation Group («FESCO», «Group») reports on changes in the composition of the Management Board of FESCO (the Group’s parent company).
According to the decision of the Board of Directors of FESCO, the composition of FESCO’s Management Board starting from 22 September 2020 will be the following:

- Arkady Korosteljov, President;

- Ekaterina Grishkovets, Vice-president, External Relations;

- Leonid Zvyagintsev, Vice-president, Finance;

- German Maslov, Vice-president, Liner and Logistics Division;

- Yuri Plotnikov, Vice-president, Security;

- Ilya Rodionov, Vice-president, Legal and Corporate Affairs;

- Aidemir Usakhov, Vice-president, Rail Division;

- Zairbek Yusupov, Vice-president, Port Division.

German Maslov became a new member of the Board and will be holding a position of Vice-president of Liner and Logistics Division of FESCO starting from 23 September 2020, replacing Konstantin Teterin who is leaving the Company. German has been working in the Group for over 20 years, he made his way from a captain's mate to the executive director of FESCO Integrated Transport (part of FESCO Group). Senior deputy president Maksim Sakharov also withdrew from the Management Board.