FESCO President & CEO took part in 26th meeting of APEC Transportation Working Group

23 September 2005
FESCO President Evgeniy Ambrosov gave a report showing FESCO role in the development of Euro-Asian transport corridor.

Report was given in the context of 26th meeting of APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Transportation Working Group aimed to achieve liberalization of transportation services and to enhance the safety of APEC Transport Systems in order to encourage economic development in the Asia-Pacific region. The 26th Transportation Working Group Meeting was held in Vladivostok on 19–22 September 2005.

Discussion was focused on marine transportation development, in particular its containerized component as the most demanded on the international market and the least advanced in Russia.

Evgeniy Ambrosov covered in the report a number of issues regarding FESCO and Russian Railways joint venture «Russkaya Troika», prospects of further development of intermodal services as the most comprehensive meeting with FESCO clients' needs.

«FESCO and Russian Railways joint venture «Russkaya Troika» aims at delivering cargo from any point of Asia Pacific Region to its receiver in Russia or Europe from door to door. «Russian Troyka» is to bind tightly the sea way in Asia Pacific Region with the most long distance railway transport corridor in the world.« — pointed out Evgeniy Ambrosov.

As s result of a Meeting a set of motions concerning modernization of transportation corridors, specifically Trans-Siberian Railway was introduced. Other points were related to development of more competitive transportation infrastructure, implementing safe and environmentally-friendly marine transportation systems.