FESCO Launches New Block Train Vladivostok-Minsk to Expand Network of Routes through the Russian Far East

23 September 2016
FESCO Transportation Group has launched FESCO Minsk Shuttle, a regular container train from Vladivostok to Minsk that helps expand the route network going through the Russian Far East via the Trans-Siberian Railway. The launch is in line with the Company’s strategy and serves to meet customer needs.

The total transit time from Vladivostok is 11 days. Currently, the train operates on a weekly schedule, which will be extended to two shipments a week in October. FESCO Minsk Shuttle is the only regular container service that provides land connection between the Russian Far East and Belarus. It is part of FESCO’s intermodal chain to handle shipments from Asian countries. Return shipments from Belarus to Moscow and other Russian cities are provided by FESCO partner - the Kargotek company.

The train service offers shipments to Minsk via a shorter Far Eastern route in response to market demand, which has been growing on the back of improved business processes and faster turnover. Previously, the deliveries were traditionally made with Deep Sea shipping through the Suez Canal and the Baltic states ports. The regular train launch will help expedite shipments, with travel time from China to Belarus, as one example, reduced twofold.