FESCO launches a new regular marine service from CPV to ports of Japan

04 February 2022

FESCO Transportation Group (“FESCO”) has launched a new regular marine container service Japan Trans-Siberian Line 2 (JTSL 2) that will connect Commercial Port Vladivostok (CPV, a FESCO company) with ports of Japan – Toyama, Hakata, Kobe, Yokohama.

FESCO launches a new regular marine service from CPV to ports of Japan

In the near future, regular ship calls to port Niigata are considered as well.

Operation of the line is provided by container vessel FESCO Yanina with a capacity of 962 TEU. Voyage turnover is 14 days.

Appearance of the new service is due to increase of volumes of transit traffic from Japan via Russia. Cargo traffic in this direction as per results of end of 2021 increased 10 times compared to 2020, to 855 TEU.

Service JTSL 2 will complement the existing Japan Trans-Siberian Line (JTSL) that connects Japanese ports Sendai, Yokohama, Shimizu, Nagoya, Kobe, Toyamashinko as well as Korean port Busan with CPV and port Vostochny. Operation of JTSL is provided by two vessels. In 2021, container turnover of the service reached more than 25 thousand TEU.

Regular lines are the marine arm of the FESCO intermodal chain. On the basis of its own assets FESCO provides delivery of cargo from/to countries of the Asia-Pacific region via the Far East to regions of Russia and Europe.