FESCO Holding Seminar on Developments in the Law on Bills of Lading

22 September 2008
On 18 September 2008 during the visit of Fesco’s partner of the Law Firm “Rajah & Tann”, Singapore, to Vladivostok there was held a seminar on Recent Developments in the Law on Bills of Lading – a Singapore Perspective.

The Law Firm “Rajah & Tann” is widely known for its successful handling matters in the shipping business. The lawyers of “Rajah & and Tann” act for the Maritime Administration of the Port of Singapore and handle serious matters in the national interests of Singapore.

The seminar was mainly intended for FESCO managers, but was also attended by representatives of the Maritime Administration of the Port of Vladivostok and students and teachers of the Faculty of International Law of the Far East State University.

Lectures were delivered by the lawyers of the Law Firm “Rajah & Tann”, managing partner Steven Chong, partner Leong Kah Wah and partner Ian Teo. They told about the practice of consideration of disputes arising from contracts of cargo carriages by sea in Singapore jurisdiction. Some most urgent questions, arising to ship owners in issuing and circulations of bills of lading, were considered at the seminar by adducing some court judgments. Particular attention of the audience was drawn to issue and change of bills of lading, terms and conditions of cargo release and identification of the receiver at disport depending on the kind of bill of lading. As an example of positive decision of complicated issues, arising in the ship owners’ practice, the lecturers cited the opinion of the court acknowledging arrest of FESCO vessel “Vasily Golovnin” as wrongful at Singapore in 2006. In the frames of this court matter there were confirmed Fesco ship owner’s honest and sound actions in fulfillment of the contract of carriage and delivery of cargo to the ports of destination Lome, Togo, in accordance with the terms of bills of lading.

The seminar aroused FESCO managers’ great interest and their good reference. As Leonid Shlyakhturov, Liner Director of “FESCO Lines Vladivostok Co.Ltd.” indicates: “I like professionalism with which the lectures they spoke. Accuracy and lucidity of mind with which bare standard of maritime law were brought to the audience notice leave a striking impression. Relationship ‘ship owner-charterer-forwarding agent-client’, speaking literally, were shown by fingers. I am grateful to FESCO Legal Department for having organized such an arrangement.”

Natalya Vishnevskaya, Manager of Section of commerce and technical specification documentation of Fleet Department also noted practical use of the seminar “as the subjects touched upon in the course of the seminar have a direct reference to our daily work. It would be useful to have similar meetings constantly to exchange opinions and practical experience with colleagues.