FESCO equips ships with data recorders 12/29/2005

29 December 2005
The Far Eastern Shipping Company has signed a contract to equip its ships with "black boxes" - voyage data recorders.

FESCO is one of the first Russian shipping companies to implement the Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS-74) requirements.

Desember 16 of 2005 a contract with Manufacturer Company Consilium Navigation AB (Sweden) was signed. «Black boxes» will be installed on 72 FESCO vessels.

«Black boxes» work the same as they do on planes, recording information from different navigational and engineering systems and store the amount recorded in the past 12 hours. However a vessel is a much more complicated mechanism than a plane in terms of the size and quantity of different devices and systems. Preparation to installation of the first «black box» took a year of work and substantial financial expenses because it required connection to approximately 148 various devices and systems.

In accordance with SOLAS requirements and terms of contract and according to vessels dock maintenance schedule the equipment will be installed up to 2010.

By installing the equipment FESCO complied with the SOLAS-74/5 V/20 requirements and IMO MSC. 163 resolution.