FESCO and Rusfond launching a support program to help severely ill children of Primorye

27 January 2020

FESCO Transportation Group (FESCO) and Rusfond launched a support program to help severely ill children of the Primorye Territory. It is one of the key directions of the local community development and support program established under the updated strategy of corporate and social responsibility of FESCO.

FESCO Group is planning to put 5 million rubles into helping the severely ill children of Primorye in 2020. FESCO will be the first company to carry out such activities in the region together with Rusfond. The program is co-financed: the Group and Rusfond jointly cover the medical expenses for every child in need. This approach will create a targeted assistance system, where anyone can become a supporter and make a donation. FESCO employees (from all regions) and all residents of the Primorye Territory can apply for providing assistance to the children. Application information is available on Rusfond website.

“Primorye is the region that has been playing a vital and exceptional role in the life of FESCO for 140 years of the company’s history. It is important to us to see that the quality of life here improves, that our employees, clients, partners and residents have the support and hope even in the most difficult situations”, – noted Konstantin Kolesnikov, Vice President of HR.

“As the Rusfond bureau was established in Primorye in 2015, we began to actively cooperate with the Department of Health, clinics and the media in the region. For five years, 160 children in the Primorye Territory have received assistance for medical and pharmaceutical care, on average we raise 19 million rubles a year for these purposes. These are mainly donations from private donors. FESCO became the first major corporate donor in the region. We are glad that the opportunities for charitable assistance to severely ill children of the Primorye Territory will increase with our cooperation”, - said Stanislav Yushkin, director of regional projects at Rusfond.