1911 — 1975


On July 29th s/s the “Kolyma” under command of the resigned rear admiral P. A. Troyan departed from Vladivostok. On September 1st the vessel reached the Kolyma estuary and delivered 400 tons of government cargo, two rowing-sailing boats and a steam boat for towage. That voyage of “Dobroflot” initiated the sea route to the Eastern Arctic.

1981 — 1999


Icebreaker the “Admiral Makarov” with the master V. I. Abonosimov towed the floating dock of 30000 dwt from Yugoslavia to the Far East. Vadim  I. Abonosimov was granted Lenin's Award for successful operation.



Icebreakers the “Krasin” and the “Magadan” provided trial ice lead of the PRISCO tankers of 105000 dwt through the ice in the Tatar Straight to De-Kastri. That proved the feasibility of Hydrocarbons transportations in winter.